New Year’s Eve Dinner Party Recipes 2018

As the New Year approaches, the excitement grows on bidding adieu to the present year and welcoming a fresh and New Year. We all see a New Year as a chance to reinvent ourselves and take new risks and decisions for our future and so, we tend to party hard on the last day to either forget or celebrate. Well, maybe it is time to try something new this year.

If you love cooking dinners and are really excited for celebrating the oncoming year, then what better way to do it than cooking a delicious meal for your family and friends? If this idea excites you then you would love our list of dinner party recipes that you can try for the coming New Year eve.

New Year’s Eve Dinner Party Recipes – Dine With Taste of Happiness:

New Year's Eve Dinner Party Recipes - Dine With Taste of Happiness

Mashed Potatoes with Additional Butter

Everyone loves mashed potatoes and someone who denies this is probably lying. They are absolutely delicious and just melt in your mouth, complementing your main dish and making the overall eating experience an utter delight for you. So, make sure that you add mashed potatoes to your dinner party on this New Year’s Eve.

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Fried Spinach

A simple yet delightful supper recipe for this New Year’s party is the fried spinach which not only easy to make but just takes a couple of minutes to get ready. You can also add a little lemon zest to it to make it a little tangier in flavor.

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happy new year food items

Cheese Balls

Another popular recipe for a new year’s party is the cheese balls recipe. Cheese balls are both fun to make and eat and are an absolute favorite of most people. You can add a few different flavorings to your cheese balls and make it more decorative for a fancy dinner party.

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Roast Beef Tenderloin

One of the best main course dishes for a New Year party, roast beef tenderloin can provide you with a scrumptious and delicious meal which is a great way to start the oncoming year. Trust me, once you and your friends taste this dish, you would not feel like eating anything else ever again.

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Bread Pudding

Any dinner meal is incomplete without an appetizing dessert and so we bring to you the famous bread pudding. This dessert is easy to make and really good for your taste buds. The whipped cream topping and crumpled peppermints provide a really refreshing and delectable touch to your meal.

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Crème Brulee

The perfect end to a meal, if you want something to commemorate the New Year’s Eve, then you have to include the Crème Brulee in your dinner party meal.

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Trust me; once you cook this amazing meal on New Year’s Eve and serve it to your dinner guests, your party is going to be declared as the best party of the year. The guests would absolutely love your meal and would praise you all night long and you can enter a new year with a happy and excited demeanor.So, do try these recipes at home this year and don’t forget to let us know if you liked them!

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