Happy New Year Cake 2018

Are you excited for the coming year? Have any plans prepared on this New Year’s Eve? If no, then it is time you started preparing to celebrate the New Year in a grand style. Make party and dinner plans and start the year right because it is often said that the way you start your New Year will determine how the rest of your year will be. Now, you don’t want a boring year right? So make sure you get your act together and plan a fun and enjoyable time for this New Year’s Eve. Well, what better way to start a year than cutting a New Year’s cake?

Happy New Year Cake 2018:

Happy New Year Cake 2018

As excited about the New Year’s cake as us, then you are absolutely going to love these New Year cake ideas. Trust me, these cakes not only taste delicious but would look amazing too. So, don’t skip out on the New Year cake this time!

Countdown Cake

happy new year 2018 Cake

One of the best cake ideas for a New Year’s cake is to get around the cake with a clock displayed in the middle and the clock is ticking close to the midnight hour. You can use a creamy vanilla or chocolate flavor for it so that it is quite interesting to look at while being delicious in taste too. Seriously, this New Year cake will be a hit with everyone in your New Year celebration.

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Lighting decorated Cake

new year cakes

If you aren’t a big fan of the clichéd ‘counting down to midnight’ theme, then you can go for the New Year lighting decoration on your cake. You can get a square shaped cake with different colored lights studded on the border and add a little gold and silver with the white cream to give a more celebratory look. This would be the perfect cake for a sparkly New Year and will be a great way to welcome 2017.

Party Cake

new year Cake

If you love partying, then you are definitely going to love this cake. Get a cake with a chocolate base and add tons of colors and shapes to make it look really inviting. You can also get two glasses of wine or Champagne on your cake in a tilted manner as if it is being toasted. Yeah, this cake will give a really festive feel to your cake and will be the perfect New Year cake to cut.

New Year 2018 Cake

happy new year Cake

Well, the most simple and popular design for a New Year cake would be to get a vanilla or pineapple cake in a square shape and then get 2018 written on it in colorful and mixed flavors. This is a simple yet efficient design for a New Year cake.

Now, you can either bake your own cake or get it made from a bakery but make sure that you don’t miss out on cutting a cake on this New Year’s Day and don’t forget the candles. They always bring luck, whether it is your birthday or not. Happy New Year’s guys! Have an amazing year ahead!

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