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As the New Year approaches, we all know it is time to leave behind everything old and time to adorn everything new and latest. This means that it is finally that time of the year when we need to change our display pictures all across the different social networking platforms i.e., WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

While a lot of people get into the New Year spirit and post some commonly used images of New Year with lighting or candles, it is time to break the cliché and use an interesting DP for this New Year. You can still stick to the same old ‘Happy New Year’ or ‘Year 2017’ if you think changing your DP is too much of an effort but if you are one of those who wants to have a little fun this New Year’s, then we have a few amazing ideas for you.

When to put the New Year DP?

happy new year 2018

The first question to ask yourself is when you would like to upload your New Year DP. Would it be on the 1st January or would you like to get a nice picture clicked on 1st and then post it on 2nd January? You could also post an image from your New Year’s party. The choices are endless really. In my opinion, posting a picture from your New Year’s party or the 1st January would be a better option.

So, get a nice picture clicked on either of these days, edit it a little and you have your New Year DP ready to use.

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Tips for putting a New Year DP – Make a Perfect First Impression on the First Day of the Year:

happy new year dp

We all know putting a DP is not easy; numerous people will see it and judge it and no one wants an ugly or crooked DP. So, make sure that you follow the below tips to ensure that your DP is nice and decent.

  1. Edit it properly

One of the most important tips to remember when finding a New Year DP is to ensure that you edit your images properly so that they are a little colorful and pop up. No one likes to look at a dull DP.

new year 2018 dp

  1. Correct the angle

Another important tip to remember is to make sure that your image is not at a tilted angle or at a weird angle. People will find it really difficult to see your DP if it is at a 45 or 90-degree angle.

best new year dp pictures

  1. Click a picture with a decent background

Make sure that you get your picture clicked with a nice background, you don’t want your DP to advertise laundry or a dustbin in the background now, do you?

happy new year dp pictures

  1. Get a fun shot

Everyone likes to look at a DP that oozes fun and excitement so laugh or dancing or do anything that makes you happy. Trust me; a happy picture is a super liked DP.

new year dp pictures

So, now that you have the timeline and tips with you for putting an awesome DP, use your new found knowledge and get a kick-ass DP clicked this New Year.

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